Fury Cues DL -9
Fury Cues DL -9
  • MSRP : USD 115
  • Our Price : USD 98
  • Dealer Price : USD 58
  • Save : USD 17
  • Save : USD 58

Product Description :

The Fury DL-9 is a 58" custom pool cue with selected white maple shaft, 1/2" Juma ferrule, 13mm Tiger Everest laminated tip, stainless steel joint with joint protectors, and a black butt plate. The butt sleeve features birch-stained wood flowing into points outlined in ivory and metallic silver. Within these points are a series of alternating large and small ivory diamonds bordered in black. Six elongated points of ivory, lined with metallic silver, stretch into an ebony forearm, providing striking contrast. There is a matching pattern of alternating large and small ivory diamonds, bordered in black, ringing the forearm. These diamonds are set into a birch collar, which splices into the ivory points. There are silver rings that set off both the forearm and the joint of this cue. Note that this artwork is done with overlays and is not true inlays like the other Fury series. However, we dare you to tell the difference!

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