Lucasi Hybrid Fushion LHF66
Lucasi Hybrid Fushion LHF66
  • MSRP : USD 930
  • Our Price : USD 837
  • Dealer Price : USD 511
  • Save : USD 93
  • Save : USD 419

Product Description :

Mystic black forearm and butt sleeve with intricate cyber-style crushed blue velvet and metal inlays, Fusion G5 wrap and upgraded Zero Flex Slim shaft.

Kamui Brown Leather Tip for consistency
Zero Flexpoint™
 For dead-on accuracy
The Zero Flexpoint™ shaft gives you dead-on accuracy by drastically reducing deflection through special polymer construction and a lightweight core.  
 For ultimate performance
Total Sweet Spot Construction (TSC)™ is a special 8-piece radial construction that extends the sweet spot throughout the entire cue shaft, resulting in unmatched power and ultimate control.  
G5 Grip Technology™
 For superior stability
G5 grip technology™ boasts a distinctive “S” pattern that provides unprecedented traction and stability for increased ball control. This allows for a more stable shot, translating into controlled “English” on the ball.    
X-Shox Dampening System™
 For more comfort
The X-Shox Dampening System™ features patent-pending shock-absorbing memory foam integrated into the wrap. X-Shox™ significantly reduces impact shock vibration by more than 27% compared to other cues on the market, making even your most powerful hit easy on the arm.  

Cue Details 

Wood: Maple
Joint: Stainless steel with Uni-Loc® system


Joint rings: Triple silver rings
Weight: Standardized weighting system 18oz-21oz available 
Butt construction: 4-piece for an extremely solid hit
Butt cap: Engraved stainless steel

See in Action :

Detail Photo

Lucasi Hybrid Fushion LHF66  Lucasi Hybrid Fushion LHF66  Lucasi Hybrid Fushion LHF66   

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