OB Break Cue - Black
OB Break Cue - Black
  • MSRP : USD 385
  • Our Price : USD 327
  • Dealer Price : USD 270
  • Save : USD 58
  • Save : USD 116

Product Description :

This wrapless design is stained a dark gray to almost black, and is finished out with our new "Stitch" ring above the butt cap.
Of course, it's fitted with our OB Break Shaft which is constructed with the same Low Deflection/Squirt methods used in our playing shafts. Giving you more power and accuracy on the most important shot in the game. Let’s face it, when you shoot hard, its easy to miss the center of the cue ball. The OB Break shaft’s Low Deflection means you still hit the front of the rack instead of missing it off to the side. Controlling the cue ball is much easier too! The leather Samsara Break tip meets all rules and regulations, and provides the power of phenolic and the control of leather.

    13mm tip diameter
    Samsara Break Tip
    Special Strong Pro Taper
    3/4" laminated maple ferrule
    5/16x14 joint

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